Dr Nimish Biloria is an Architect and an Assistant Professor at Hyperbody, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands and the Director of his own design firm: Design Genesis. After being involved with investigating the inter-relation of Media and Architecture throughout his formative educational years at CEPT, Ahmadabad, India, he furthered his interests in the inter-disciplinary realm at the Architectural Association, London, UK, where he did his Masters in the field of Emergent Technologies and Design. He further attained a Doctorate/PhD at the TU Delft, Netherlands, with a focus on developing real time adaptive environments. He continues experimenting with the idea of formulating intelligence aided relational networks for the generation of performative morphologies.
Dr. Biloria apart from his teaching initiatives at Hyperbody is also the Research Manager of Hyperbody and is involved with developing computationally enhanced performative & sustainable architectural and urban design solutions. He has conducted various seminars for the same and is a proponent of systemic design and bio-inspired performative design solutions. He, as a part of such research and design investigations specifically seeks a synergistic merger of the fields of computation, material systems, sensing technologies, environmental dynamics and social demographics. Dr. Biloria has lectured at prestigious institutes globally. He has also presented and published his research and design deductions in numerous international design conferences and magazines and has been a proponent for exchanging design-informatics oriented knowledge globally.

Jia-Rey Chang was born in Taiwan. After he got his M.Arch degree in Architecture and Urban Design Department, UCLA, under the direction of Neil Denari in 2009, he came back to his Alma mater, architecture department in TamKang University, Taiwan, doing research on interactive and parametric architecture. In 2010, he established "P&A LAB"(Programming AND Architecture LAB) exploring the new relationship between programming and architecture. As the director of P&A LAB (http://pandalabccc.blogspot.com), he also worked in the Architecture Department of National Taipei University of Technology as a part-time lecturer. In 2011, He joined in Hyperbody LAB to further develop his preliminary study on "SuperCell", which is a smart geometry system by assembling smart architectural components with intelligence, kinetic energy, efficiency, and capabilities of self-construction and self-reaction from the computer interface, digital fabrication to the architectural construction.

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