What's ossa?

OSSA is the annual workshop organized by the Polish Association of Architecture Students. This year’s workshop will take place in Warsaw on 23-30 October 2011, in cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art within the framework of “Warsaw Under Construction” festival.

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Who is OSSA?

OSSA is the Polish Association of Architecture Students. It was established on the initiative of students in 1997 as their desire was to broaden their horizons and gain a professional experience.

Establishment of OSSA is a result of the current situation of students in Poland which does not always enable them to fully use all their abilities when they are eager to do so. We assembly all the students from the Faculties of Architecture of public and private higher schools in Poland. We give them the opportunity to develop their skills through the interchange of experience at workshops, plein air workshops, competitions and didactic excursions.

As an organization that has a lot of achievements we have a full support of the university authorities. We report on all the events that we organise in trade journals [Architektura – Murator, Architektura & Biznes, Archivolta].

More information on OSSA can be found at: http://www.ossa.org.pl/

Team OSSA Warsaw 2011

with help and support from:

Maciej Drążkiewicz
Anna Kozerska
Katarzyna Rogala
Andrzej Ryniecki
Urszula Trawicka
Marta Wacholska

graphic design: Piotr Chuchla

Contact information

mail: ossa2011@gmail.com

Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology
ul. Koszykowa 55, 00-659 Warsaw, Poland, postscript: OSSA