Society of Polish Town Planners and Polish Town Planning Congress

We would like to introduce Society of Polish Town Planners - the coorganizer of OSSA 2011 Warsaw workshop.and encourage everybody to watch the arrangements for the IVth Polish Town Planning Congress in Lublin 2012. We also invite older OSSA members, already graduated, to take part in this event.
TUP and the government of Lublin encourage everybody, who feels responsible for the Polish City to actively engage in organizational work of the IVth Congress and the events before and around Congress, which we plan to organize and promote during the process of building coalitions to improve condition of our cities.

Society of Polish Town Planners is a public interest advocate in the settlement and use of the Polish space. For almost ninety years, it has been uniting people of different professions and specialties in the name of joint actions aiming to make our cities and villages a community, which would fulfill both spiritual and material needs of man, rooted in the cultural heritage of the nation – community harmoniously fitting the natural environment and enriching the beauty of native landscape.
Society of Polish Town Planners was created in 1923 by a group of eminent artists and scientists, while social activists, gathered around the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology.
Nowadays, as an organization distinct, but closely cooperating with the Association of Urban Planners, it has nearly 1,000 members in several departments and sections of the regional problem. It is a member of the European Council of Town Planners ISOCARP, a network of similar organizations from European Union countries. Also the Society is patron of the monthly magazine "Planner", which continues traditions of the monthly "Town", published by TUP for many years.

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