Beside the OSSA 2011 there will be few events that will take place during the workshop and all of them are made with Museum of Modern Arts in Warsaw and are part of Warsaw Under Construction festival. Everyone can come and participate in them!

Warsaw Mirages Trip

trip: 24 October 2011, 04.00 p.m.
location: trips starts at diferent spots in Warsaw – more information afrer registration on
organization: OSSA (Polish Assosiation of Architecture Students)

„Warsaw Mirages” is a path of special places, where we can see the phenomenon of (still) not formed city. The next stops of the route are spots where the visions of overlaping past and present Warsaw are visible in particular.
During the tour the unrealised or partially executed in the last century projects and plans of Warsaw and artistic and literary visions will be presented. All those things are creating immaterial layer of the city – Warsaw Mirage.In those unrealised posibbilities and unrealistic yearing we can look for the answer what is the future Warsaw ?

Before the trip the materials containing information about the palces, description of the visions,visualisations and sketches will be distributed. During the route we are planning to visit viewpoints in the city centre – roofs , towers, hight floors of buildings. People assosiated with architecture, urbanism and history of art wil be our guides.
The trip is a part of OSSA workshop.

The Perceptual, the Virtual, and the Physical: The various modes of experiencing a city, Or Ettlinger, Ph.D. Arch.

lecture : 24th October (Monday), 2011, 07:00 pm
location: Duża Sala Doświadczalna , Warsaw University, Faculty of Physics, 69 Hoża st.
organisation: OSSA (Polish Association of Students of Architecture)

Or Ettlinger, Ph.D. Arch., is a visual artist, Assistant Professor, and senior researcher of media theory and virtual architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His exploration of virtual architecture and virtual space has spanned both formal education and professional experience across the multiple disciplines from which these emerging fields derive. This fifteen-year journey has ranged from architecture to computer science, from product design to information design, from classical drawing to digital imaging, and from art history to media theory.

What is the difference between walking in the streets of a city, watching a movie that was filmed in it, getting information about it online, and designing a future plan for it? This lecture proposes a useful terminology for distinguishing the various aspects that construct our experience of a city.

Free entrance. Lecture in English.

Clouds and Mountains, Andreas Angelidakis

lecture : 25th October (Tuesday), 2011, 07:15 pm
location: Duża Sala Doświadczalna , Warsaw University, Faculty of Physics, 69 Hoża st.
organisation: OSSA (Polish Association of Students of Architecture)
Andreas Angelidakis is an architect who investigates the idea of mountains, clouds and websites as much as buildings and trees and people's behaviours. He maintains an experimental practice in Athens, Greece, a studio involved in building, designing and speculating the contemporary ecosystem of screens and landscapes. Studiował architekturę na Politechnice w Salonikach, w Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC) oraz Columbia University w Nowym Jorku. He usually operates at the intersection of systems: Art and Architecture, Virtual and Real, Building and Nature, Ruin and Construction.
The medium Angelidakis uses is habitation, of buildings, clouds, spaces, furniture, videos, online communities or exhibition spaces (Athens Biennial, MUSAC, Fargfabriken), while writing, blogging and teaching.

Finissage by OSSA

exhibition/ session : 29th october (Saturday) 01.00 p.m.

location: Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, 55 Koszykowa st.

organization: OSSA (Polish Assosiation of Architecture Students)

The presentation of the effects of the work conducted during the Warsaw under Construction festival by the Polish Association of Students of Architecture. The students will show their projects and discuss about them with the association and publicity of the event.
The aim of the workshop is to look for the innovative methods of designing the city using new technologies and to try to find out how Warsaw could benefit from all the past projects and visions, that didnt get realised.
The second part of the final presentation will be the panel discussion, during which the invited guests, people active in various fields associated withv Warsaw’s urban planning and making future plans, comment on the search results of the OSSA design groups.