Tutors: Michał Gdak and Stig Nielsen

Michał Gdak (born august 5th in 1980 in Kielce, Poland)
Architect - he graduated TU Delft in the Netherlands, Vitus Bering in Denmark and the Technical University of Wroclaw. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, where he earned a master degree in art.
He worked at OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam and Inter.National.Design, he also co-wored with Supersudaca - think tank of architecture & urban research and with Studio Arne Quinze in Belgium.
He participated in exhibitions in Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany and Hungary.
He is a laureate of competitions, including "Re-vital work" in Belchatow, "Rondo Graniczne" in Wroclaw, "Dialogue" - drawing in Wroclaw, "Concrete Architecture" in Cracow, "Identification of Places" - sculpture in Bem Square in Wroclaw, which was founded in Valencia in Spain, where the author stayed at the annual scholarship.
The fascination of design and skillful balancing on the edge of art and architecture is reflected in his designs, which can be seen at www.michalgdak.com.

Architect Stig Anton Nielsen is working with geometrical complex modeling, sensing materials and environments. He received his masters from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, School of Architecture he has studied interactive environments at TUDelft Holland. He has been involved with local and international projects dealing with complex geometrical systems, both in praxis at the architect office COBE and in the research center for IT and architecture (CITA). He has been conducting workshops with CITA since 2008 exploring parametric architecture applications and he was leading a workshop at the European Architecture Student Association in interactive and active artifacts and environments in Manchester 2010. Stig Anton is currently research assistant at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA).

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