Tutors: Group Relax

Gaweł Tyrała
Creator of Polish-Spanish agreement between OSSA and IAAC, iniciator and coordinator
of polish students exchange during Master in Advaced Architecure Program.
Co-organizer of OSSA - polish assosiation of architecure students in Wrocław, Gdynia and
Gliwice. OSSA president in 2005-2007. Initiator and organizer of the 'Plenart' workshops.

Konstanty Stajniak
He participated in numerous national and international competitions such at the Museum of Tadeusz
Kantor, Espresso International Competition of Ideas Domus, Hospitality Transformed:
Resort Hotels in 2055, Living Box - Prefabricated Living Unit (Special jury award),
Child's play - Design 21 Social Design Network of UNESCO, The Self-Fab House - in the IAAC in
Barcelona. Winner of many competitions.
He specializes in visualization.

Michal Grzymala
In 2004-2008 he worked as a graphic artist creating murals, comic books, interior decoration and
independent video production.
Expert in numerous programs for parametric modeling and simulation.
He collaborated on the project architectural installation at the Festival Center EME 3
Contemporary Culture in Barcelona

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