Warsaw city center today and yesterday

Quite an interesting comparison of the surrounding of Warsaw's city center yesterday and today. The first picture has been taken about 1980 and this urban state continued until 1998.

The new building, skyscraper Warsaw Financial Center (first from right, 144m to the roof, completed in 1998) triggered an avalanche of changes in the city center quarter of the capital. This was followed by a other high and low office buildings. On the left you can see apartment building Złota 44 by Daniel Libeskind.

However, few people are aware of the fact that this space in the foreground has been repeatedly proposed as the Western Wall (the equivalent of the realized Eastern Wall, which is on the other side of the Palace of Culture and Science, from which both pictures have been taken). Unfortunately, none of these plans were realized. Not only that, when more and more building are shaping and changing Warsaw's skyline, the question arises: what about the inhabitants and the space itself circulating out there at the foot level of skyscrapers?

Interesting fact - the first image on the right shows a fully realized urban settlements project called Za Żelazną Bramą.

Pictures taken from Forum Polskich Wieżowców at SkyScraperCity.com

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