INTRODUCING WORKSHOP TUTORS: Centrala designers' task force

Centrala does not have a constant number of members, neither any order of operation to be routinely followed - it is not a company. More appropriately it should be called a platform where individual quests converge around common goals. It is rather a collective of as many people as a task ahead of them requires. Architects: Małgorzata Kuciewicz, Krzysztof Banaszewski and Jakub Szczęsny constitute Centrala's core. In 2010 office core has gained new member - Simone De Iacobis. They co-operated as students of Warsaw Technical University on school Project and have been working together on projects for architectural contests, of which majority they won or were awarded prizes. Centrala undertakes actions in many scales ranging from graphics, every-day use objects to furniture, urban objects, interiors, houses, office buildings as well as districts or aglomerations. Apart from participating in contests and workshops Centrala also takes liberty of commenting upon the current state of affairs in Warsaw by means of a series of "decoy projects" published in press.
Examples of Centrala's works: equal rank dinstinction in The SinfoniaVarsovia Orchestra's two-stage architectural competition, II place in competition for the concept of the surrounding of the National Stadium
in Warsaw, revitalization of the lower pavilion of Warsaw's emblematic train station, OHEL - temporary pavilion for upcoming (almost complete now) Museum of the history of Polish Jews in Warsaw and much more.
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