7 years stadium

“7 years stadium” is a project that supposed to grow inside Warsaw's City center. Their authors, many Warsaw's architecture studios decided to make a new space dedicated for skateboarders, parkourers, street dancers and other citizens. The name "7 years" is connected to the time after which city should end all law problems of the land ownership of the square in which architects designed temporary place.
Right now it is on the stage of final design which should be made during Warsaw Under Construction festival which is hosted by Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.
However the bigest problem right now is the financial support. Year has passed... Project is starting to be a Mirage (Fatamorgana).

So far the Bemowo district authorities seized idea of such a square, including its financing. Therefore, so far, not a mirage, but in reallity, there is growing a square of urban sports in Bemowo.

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